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In the world of ARC, where the land of Sierra was still called WON
March 2001 by Wey
The night was peaceful and the air was fresh. The moon shone brightly along with the countless stars. A slight wind could be detected, though more soothing than frosting. The old forest of TEN lay quiet as ever with the exception of crickets chirping and the presence of an occasional owl. However, if one looked closely, a shimmering orange glow could be seen in the distance, projecting from a small clearing in the forest. There sat a friendly pilot by the name of Grumpy, lost in the flames of his campfire. His brief days with the Defibrillators were long past and now was the time for him to seek a new fortune. Beside him, unnoticed and unseen by the mortal eye, stood the muse, Urania. Carpe diem. Seize the day.
Grumpy lifted his head with a sudden jerk. His eyes filled with the outcome of a battling decision. "I shall create a clan of my own, he whispers." A clan of spirit, of dignity, a clan that can rule the skies and quake the earth. Power and force alone are not the only elements that can quiver the lips of Nature; through heart and soul, I create Arts of ARC?

Chapter 1 Carpe Diem. Seize the Day.

Many days have passed - a dozen to be exact. Grumpy had gathered a scattered few for his young, virgin clan. Who knew that this day, this very day, AoA would begin her never-ending quest to reach the stars and drink the glories of heaven. Meanwhile, at the Lobby, a party was on. There was music and beer and everyone was merry. Men danced with men and other men crowded around the few woman who were so rarely seen. But in a dark corner, away from all the music and commotion there sat a lone warrior, none other than weyatwar? On his arms he bore the scars of hardship and experience. One would think the scars were marked throughout his body, but his face remained untouched. His muscles bulged and he carried the rough crops of a beard, unshaven for days. His face was handsome and attractive to ladies and he had a glare that the devil could not match. Wey was known to be multi-talented and well-skilled in the arts of ARC. He was like a ghost. Some people say he was an angel. Others claim that he was God himself! In fact, he's the greatest being that walked the earth! MwHahahaHAHahHAHAH!!

Oops, where am I carrying myself off to? Well, anyways?

As Wey sat mesmerized in his own thoughts, !AoA! Grumpy drew nearer and nearer to the frightening figure. As he drew closer, Grumpy had an increasingly disturbing feeling. Oh but Grumpy was brave and he came right up to Wey. "Ya wana join AoA??" He enquired. Destiny had played its role that day and it just so happened that AoA was the exact thing Wey was looking for. But Wey only had one question to ask Grumpy. "You Canadian??" replied a nasal, nerdy and squeaky voice. "Eh? Ya, course I am." Said Grumpy. "Well, it's aboot time I joined a clan. AoA is the exact thing I was looking for. Mind if I bring my meese of a brother along? His name is Aphen." Wey states. "Np n00b." "Ty lagger." And so the two paired off to create a clan that no one had ever seen before, when they learned that a past clan that died had also been called AoA.

Chapter 2 The Loss

A lot happened in the next month or two. AoA recruited masses of experienced and skilled newbies. They were off to a not so well of a start, but that could only lead to improvement. Among these newbies that still exist in AoA today, by one means or another, are: HeavensGates (AKA Spanky AKA Pichu), Alucard, Rooky, Litovig and Shadowmage (AKA Frost). The time had come when Grumpy's life was in a mess. He had already taken a break from fighting on the battlefields and leading the clan. But one day, he took leave of the clan entirely and bide farewell to his trusty ship. It was the time he took a break from piloting for many months to come. It was wondered if AoA would fall apart or not. Some members thought this was the end and others didn¡¯t really care. Wey decided to take things into his own hands and made a great one sentence speech, and AoA was back on track, travelling in its journey, reaching for the stars.

Chapter 3-6 One, two, skip a few, 99, 100

AoA endured many struggles as well as many occasions of joy throughout the months, but alas, time is lacking. Perhaps you shall hear of the perils another day.

Chapter 7 Introduction of Important Characters. New/old, good /bad.

Alphabetical order:
Alucard - Old Alucard, still here and still loyal. Many underrate him, but deep down inside, even if he tried, he could not leave the clan, his home.

Aphen - Wey's younger brother. No comment. No longer in AoA.

BlackTemplar - A real life friend of Grumpy's and fun to hang around with. Unfortunately, in his current situation he is unable to play ARC and definitely unable to be in a clan.

BrenBryant - Bren the loyal, Bren the kind, Bren the one that everyone gets along with. He's either your brother or your best friend and a damn good representative of AoA.

Death - Yes, we do accept alcoholics in the clan and Death is one of them. He's stinks when he's drunk but awesome when he's not.

Grumpy - The Canadian founder of AoA. He had no idea what he was getting himself into when he created the clan. He actually created a home for many ARCers to live in.

HeavensGates - AKA Spanky AKA Pichu. The oldest member that hasn't quit and come back and quit and come back. Young though he may be, he swells with spirit and righteousness. What's right is right is right is right.

Litovig - Another member that could be trusted. Although he's currently inactive and busy with school. This guy was a true friend in his times when he was more active.

Lizard - Friend of Wey's and invited by Wey. He's no longer in AoA and his situation is currently unknown. It was believed that he left ARC for a while. After a long disappearance he was seen in Bunkwars with his bulky muscular cousin Jaguar of TI.

msconfig - He rarely gets angry and has great potential to be wiser than ever. Unfortunately, he declared himself inactive and told us he'll be back. The reason for his inactiveness is forgotten and he hasn't been seen for months until recently when he rejoined us.

Okrin - A trustworthy member. Although he is not apart of the old old gang, you would think he's been in AoA ever since it has been created.

Rock - Old veteran, friend and invited by Wey. Declares himself the king of Bunkwars. Left AoA and gradually became more inactive in ARC.

Rooky - Another old veteran, friend and invited by Wey. When Wey temporarily quit AoA, he left as well, but he realized that there was more to AoA than just Wey, and came back on his own accord.

Shadowmage - AKA Frost. Had a few arguments before he kicked himself out of the clan, but now he's back after disappearing for a bit.

SnakeEyez - Even the best of us turn bad.

TEKCUB - AKA BUCKET. Another great member - one of our best players. Left ARC for a while.

wEEd-Inhaler - This man needs a temper. He lubs everyone, men, women and animal alike. We think he inhales weed.

weYatwar - Myself. No comment. Nice person, and a great arcer.-HG

Whyachi - Begged desperately to be in AoA. He was finally let in and turned out to be more than what he claimed.

To anyone that was missed: Sorry, your just not important enough or you were forgotten by accident.

Chapter 9 Continuing Our Journey

Scores of features have changed since AoA started off. Their greater goal is to have fun rather than be the best. Although they still strive to succeed, a clan must also learn to lose rather than to win. Something draws the members of AoA to stay, even though the chance of being the ultimate clan in ARC is as thin as a bristle. Our quest to reach the stars is never-ending. Once we reach a goal, we have another to aim for and yet another, but we still must try, for the reason of existence is in our hands. One day, AoA shall drink the glories of heaven?





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